Lab-Grown Diamond (GemQuality)

We(Huanghe Whirlwind also called as Yellow River) produce Lab-grown diamonds (Gem quality)of high quality that includes Colorless, Blue, Pink and Yellow, which has obvious advantages in size and quality than natural diamonds.


Cultured diamonds, also known as Lab-grown diamonds, man-made diamonds, synthetic diamonds or pure grown diamonds, are composed of the same chemical crystal as natural diamonds and exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle. Cultured diamonds are produced by Huanghe Whirlwind using a technological innovation that yields diamonds of exceptionally high quality and purity. Are lab Grown Diamonds real? Yes, lab grown diamond are of same quality with mined diamonds, which are made in the lab several weeks. However, lab grown diamond price is much lower than mined diamonds. 

hpht and cvd lab grown diamonds

The cut of the diamond, created in the laboratory, is necessary to reveal its beauty. Rated by category. Excellent/Very good/Good and Satisfactory. Huanghe Whirlwind is available in the highest quality cuts, "Excellent" and "Very Good". Round diamond with 57 facets is recognized as the most beautiful and popular form of diamond cut. In addition to the round diamond, there are often "fantasy" forms: princess, Marquis, oval, pear, emerald, baguette, heart, radiant and others.

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Cultured diamonds do not require any diamond mining, making them a perfect choice for those seeking to minimize the environmental impact of a jewelry purchase. So, the cultured diamonds are conflict-free, eco-friendly and sustainable-creating economic growth opportunity from jewellery to high-technology industry and makes its future promising.

All of our laboratory grown diamonds are grow slowly (without catalysts), and we use the highest quality carbon crystal species. In our planting process, we ensure that all laboratory diamonds grow in the purest chemical form and adopt a process that meets moral norms. Our laboratory cultivates the quality of diamonds as the same standard as natural mined diamonds, and has the following additional points:

Only all IIA type

Candidate problem (commonly cultivated diamonds in laboratory)

No brown or color difference, no fluorescence

We use the highest quality carbon seeds

We never reuse our carbon seeds

We do not add a catalyst to accelerate the growth process

Continuous power supply (do not restart during growth)

Huanghe Whirlwind (Yellow River) has rich lab made diamonds production experience, which has important position in the industry, and occupies a big market in China and worldwide countries. Colorful lad made diamongs are available in Huanghe Whirlwind, such as Yellow & Blue, which are of great clarity and shape. Size and clarity of our lab made diamonds are also selectable in Huanghe Whirlwind, contact us for Free Quotation today!

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Specification of Yellow River's Lab Grown Diamond

Size Grade Mark
0.6-0.8ct 1A VVS-SI1 4.0-5.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
0.8-1.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 4.5-5.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
1.0-1.5ct 1A VVS-SI1 5.5-6.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
1.5-2.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 5.5-6.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
2.0-2.5ct 1A VVS-SI1 6.5-7.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
2.5-3.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 7.0-8.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
3.0-4.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 7.0-8.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
4.0-5.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 7.5-9.0mm
1B SI2-SI3
5.0-6.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 8.5-10mm
1B SI2-SI3
6.0-7.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 9.0-10.5mm
1B SI2-SI3
7.0-8.0ct 1A VVS-SI1 9.0-11mm
1B SI2-SI3
8.0ct+ 1A VVS-SI1 9mm+
1B SI2-SI3


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